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Micheal was born in Riverside, California, but was raised in Europe where she was surrounded by artistic culture and her passion for art was born. Her designs vary, never focusing on one genre or specific style, and she uses different mediums, although she prefers acrylics on canvas and wood. Her biggest dream and goal achievement is to do art for the Walt Disney Company as an independent contractor. 

Heather paints and creates mixed media art from her home studio in Huntsville, Alabama. 

This is an inspired piece commissioned for SEQA. We wanted Rainbow LGBTQ birds and Heather's painting is the exact image we wanted! Thank you, Heather.

Heather Skipper - ​Huntsville, Alabama

Check out Jonathan's art on his website.


 Orlando, Florida

Suhely creates thought provoking paintings using mixed textures, mixed dimensions and media.


 Rare Bird Whimsy  Huntsville Al

Kristin creates stunning pieces of jewelry using crystals, gemstones, and other organic materials. The Brass Wire Wrapped Obsidian Arrowhead is especially impressive. Kristin exhibits at the Lowe Mill Artists Market and is a Proud Participant in SEQA Week 2017.


The kalimba is a finger instrument that originated in Africa.  These are made by Ms. Harvey in Montgomery, Alabama.

Matt Puccio - Center Point, Alabama 

Robert artfully captures hauntingly beautiful images

of relics and


Robert Stottle Jr,

Harvest, Alabama

Jonathan Brooks

 Miami, Florida

Colors of Morning

Samantha Claar, Savannah, Georgia.

Shell Arrington Stice - Montgomery, AL

Current and past exhibitors

​​​South Eastern Queer Arts​